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Polie "Crime-Stopper" the Asshole
All of this is telling of Polie's hidden crimes, and though they are directed at the author of this page (Nick), they are all true, and none of the pictures are faked. If you think they are, you're a fool. Now, let's continue shall we?

So Polie is noble eh? Well if bragging about getting one of your ex-friends banned is noble, then I'm a fat flying pig, and if I was, I wouldn't be able to type this up. Next photo..

Here I try to add you to my friends list, and what do I get? Sass? Offendation? Wow, real heroic.

Last banning I lost almost 2 million, a size 8 house I worked litterally almost 24 hours on, all my friend links, and all my pets. Pets including 4 cheetahs, and an afghan. (Cheeto, Chester, Golden Night, and Spot are the cheetahs, and Nick Jr. Armone is the afghan.)I guess you're no better than Maxis killing Uri's cheetah huh? *cough*

You must like pissing your best friend, Ashle..I mean Ora off, Polie. Because, by the looks of this, she's pretty mad. And she got like this every time you banned me too. Sure, she's just venting her anger that you're yelling at her, but it had to do with you getting me banned also.

Oh my god! Number 17!! WOW!!! Oh wait..I'm here to complain and bitch. Okay. Well, Polie, it's all about minutes in the end huh? Or did you just run out of lousy comebacks so you have to bitch and brag about your minutes? I only say that considering you've said something relevant to "thanks for bringing me up the lists" or some other crap over 10 times a day.

Yet another ss of you saying that we're helping you on the lists. BUT WAIT! Is that the reason of this screenshot? No! It's the things below it. You're tagging and kicking Ora out of the house just because she didn't tell you who I was in my undercover sim? Oooo, naughty! Some friend you are.

Hey Dick? Is that like supposed to hurt me? ~sighs~ Well well, making fun of my name are we? I could and would make a comeback to this, but I don't think I want to stoop to your intelligence level..

What is it with you and your "you're just giving me hours" crap? DO you really run out of comebacks that quick? Hmm...

Ohhh, caught red handed! So you do just want to harass me huh? :) I feel so wanted.

I'm the idiot? Excuse me Polie, you're the one who got 14 tags and a house demo for pissing me off, and the one who was stupid enough to get so attached to me that you still wish to be friends after all this. :X

Mafia man much?

So you're a scammer stopper huh? Well here we go, a nice, juicy, full-of-meat for reporting scammer. But what's this? No report? Nothing at all?

Reported? Please, it's all about minutes and reporting with you. No honor, no pride, no problem. :)

The RIAA "ownz" me huh? Well let's see here. I haven't been arrested, I haven't been sued, I haven't been contacted, and I can't think of a rhyme. Oh, and I thought using "ownz" is bad grammar? Stooge much?

I thought roommate spam was griefing? This went on for about 10 minutes but Maxis wont do anything because 1)I have no proof and 2)I don't report like a scurred little biatch like you. :)

Ohh I now have my own personal stalker bear! I feel so wanted again! :D

It's up to the reader to conclude who is the criminal here. Me for becoming a roommate at Evangeline's for 3 months, or Polie constantly hunting me down and reporting me, when I'm just trying to have fun and goof around with my friends. What's that you say? Ignore him and turn off my Stalker button? Bite me, I shouldn't have to. Some heroin and savior Polie. Think about that.